Why is insulation important?

More than 500,000 homes in New Zealand are estimated to have inadequate insulation. Homeowners attempt to fix these problems with heat pumps, dehumidifiers and other devices. Insulating your home is the most effective measure you can take to keep your home comfortable year round and save money on energy bills.

A well-insulated home is warmer, healthier and more pleasant for you and your family. According to a Wellington School of Medicine survey**Families living in insulated homes had fewer sick days and doctor visits.

*Fung.J.’SR 230- Higher than NZBC Thermal Insulation in New Housing Cost-Benefit Analysis’ BRANZ Report 2010.

We are experienced insulation contractors, with over 15 years of combined experience and many happy customers throughout New Zealand.

What we offer:

  • Free insulation assessment for rentals and owner occupied properties in Auckland/Waikato/Northland region.
  • On-site quotation will be provided.
  • Different insulation options are available ( Wool/Polyester/Fibre glass).
  • We expect to complete the job within 10 working days ( From the time you call and we install the product)..

An inadequately insulated house can negatively affect your health. Indoor temperatures below 16°C increase the risk of respiratory disease.  The World Health Organisation recommends temperatures of at least 18°C and minimum 22°C in homes with young children. 

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